Aim: Trying to turn my negativity into productivity.

Hey there. I’m Lauren, and I have aptitude for procrastination. I’ve had many friends, parents, teachers and almost strangers tell me that I definitely watch too much TV, and too many movies. That I read too much. It’s true, the indoors is a place I tend to find myself trapped in, either in front of a screen or in front of off-white pages filled with tiny black lines – for endless hours. And, oddly enough, I would say I’m not disappointed in myself. So I thought I would maybe blog about my “adventures” and let other people know what awesome stuff they could be reading/watching, in order to make my hours spent reading/ watching things/ traversing the interwebs just a little bit useful. And, I could always do with another method of procrastination.

So, I’m 18. A girl. I spend my time as previously mentioned, crying over fictional characters and OTPs and wondering where my all time has gone. I’m in my first year of university (and failing at it), doing Music Education. If you have anything you want me to watch/read or just criticize for you so you get an idea of whether you should invest your time in said venture, let me know. You can contact me via my twitter or tumblr. As a critic, I tend to be pretty kind, and the majority of the time I really enjoy whatever it is I watch, so don’t worry about me hating too much on your preferred fandom or favourite book or whatever. If you have a different opinion on something I have hated on (or complemented), feel free to comment and share your thoughts!

Lots of love and happy procrastinating,

Lauren 🙂

This is a picture of my face so you know who you’re annoyed at: 


I make an extremely attractive Harry Potter. Yup.


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