Yes Please Review

I don’t tend to usually listen to audio books, but I really wanted something to do while vacuuming the house. So I downloaded audible in order to get one free book, and chose Amy Poehler’s memoir, Yes Please.

I wasn’t disappointed by my decision, and spent most of the time laughing like a madwoman whilst I vacuumed up a week’s worth of food crumbs, dust and dirt. Her book is completely brilliant, and having her read it to me was just awesome. The sole criticism I have: some chapters were a little slower than others, and all I have to say to you (and myself) is that it’s a book. It would be weird if every chapter was completely hilarious/fast-paced/amazing as the next. You need time to chill out and regroup. Plus, if I had been laughing every single second, I’m pretty sure the stitches in the back of my mouth would’ve burst open from smiling too hard (I recently got my wisdom teeth taken out).

I felt so inspired listening to Amy’s book (and you should listen to it, otherwise you’ll miss out on the brilliance of Patrick Stewart) and now I feel like I’ve weirdly stepped into her shoes and am now walking around, living my own life with a little bit more Amy in it. I’ve always thought I was sort of similar to both Leslie Knope and Amy in my “gentle bossiness” and in my tendency to get emotional about nearly everything and as I listened I felt even closer to the both of them (Although I’m remarkably less successful than them in every way). Having Amy read me this book made me feel like she was my best friend (Edit: now that I think about it, that sounds vaguely weird and kind of creepy, but meh). I’m going to give it a 5 stars, or a 10/10 because it’s quirky, clever, and kind of changed my life for the 7 hours and a bit that I listened to it. Also, did I mention it has Patrick Stewart cameoing in it? And Darth Vader references. Would I listen to it again? Yes Please.


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