The 7 Movies I’ve seen in cinema this year (so far)

“I’m bringing this blog back,” I say to myself, for the hundredth time. “This time, I won’t write a post, then leave it for several months before writing another. I’m going to post regularly!”

“Lies,” my conscience whispers. “You’re just bored. You’re just procrastinating. You won’t write on this blog, at least not until you have another 2000 word essay that needs doing. So probably sometime next semester.”

…Yes its been a while. I’ve seen a lot of movies, some of which I’ve disliked, most of which I’ve liked (Interestingly, that seems to be the case, despite this blog being named lauren criticizes things… I should’ve called it something else really).

I’ve realised that every time I see a movie, theres often a funny story behind it. I’ve been keeping my movie tickets (now at a grand total at 36, if you were wondering) since the beginning of 2012, and it’s only now, in 2014, that I’ve started to write who I see the movie with on the back of the ticket. I’m kind of silly, but I really like pulling the constantly growing pile out of the back of my wallet now and again, and just flicking through it. I thought I’d share my experiences this year.

The first movie of the year was undoubtedly the worst. I had wanted to see Her with a group of friends. One of those friends forgot her student ID, and despite looking like she was 20 years old, the cashier refused to let her into the MA15+ film. And so the rest of the group, not wanting to leave her sitting outside the cinema alone, reluctantly agreed to see the only other movie option we had; Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. Or as we liked to call it, “The Secret Life of Jack Ryan,” fondly mashing the film’s name together with The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, our second choice after Her, but which had already started. Of course, many of the group had been reluctant to watch Her, saying it “looked really weird” and that they “didn’t want to watch a movie about a love story between a guy and Siri.” I reasonably reminded them that it was nominated for five oscars, and had a 94% on rotten tomatoes, but (as always) they didn’t listen. Anyways, Jack Ryan ended up being pretty average. A very typical, predictable action flick. I’d give it a 5/10. 


I did eventually get to see Her, going with 2 of my old school friends. As I predicted, Her was great. Gorgeous cinematography, controversial ideas, and quite a lot of unexpected humorous moments too. Amazing acting from Phoenix. Clearly better than Jack Ryan. I’d give it an 8.5/10. I’d give it higher, but it isn’t really the type of movie I typically enjoy watching.


I didn’t see any movies in March. I think it might have been because I started uni. Or maybe because no movies I was really interested in came out that month. Either way, it made way for a massive movie splurge in April (I saw 5 films, 3 in which I saw in one week!).

Firstly, was Captain America 2. This movie was phenomenal. I give it an immediate 10/10. Personally, I think it has to be one of the best Marvel movies to date. I enjoyed it more than The Avengers, which is basically blasphemy. The fight scenes were some of the best I’ve ever seen, so easy to follow, and really original and exciting. I hope to god it gets nominated for best choreography or something. Cap 2 also confirmed the long time rule, that sequels are always better (Except with Iron Man 2. Don’t know what happened there). Where the first Cap was still good, it fell flat, and failed to prove that Captain America is a legitimately powerful hero. The second film managed to succeed where the first one failed. I loved it, and wish I’d had enough money to see it in cinema twice!


Then I saw Divergent. Now, as a fan of the book, I was pretty happy with the movie adaptation. It wasn’t perfect by any means, but it’s a really difficult book to make into a movie, and I feel like it couldn’t have been better considering how weird of a concept it is. Shailene Woodley was a great casting choice for Tris, and I think Theo James did a good job getting across Tobias’ snarkiness. However, I’m not so sure they had the perfect chemistry. The soundtrack was awesome… no thanks to Hans Zimmer. Overall, I’d give the film a 7/10.


I went to see The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in the Blue Mountains, at this fairly empty cinema called “The Edge.” The screen was IMAX size, and yet the tickets… only $11! How on earth they keep the cinema running, I don’t even know. So another action superhero movie that I also enjoyed immensely. A phenomenal sequel, romantic and yet full of action – it was pretty perfect. I think I liked it just as much as the first Amazing Spider-Man. Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone were flawless once again, and their chemistry is so great it’s just a delight to watch. The only negative point I have is that I think Harry Osborn should have been introduced in the last film – his relationship with Peter seemed a little forced. Jamie Foxx also did a great job as Electro. Hans Zimmer (with another great soundtrack) managed to keep the feel of the last movie, mimicking James Horner’s style perfectly. I’d give this movie a 9/10.


The day after that, I saw The LEGO Movie. Of course, the majority of my friends said it looked stupid, and as always, they were wrong. Moral of the story: Trust rotten tomatoes. Trust IMDB. Most of the time the rating, or the number of awards and/or nominations will tell you whether the movie is worth seeing or not. All I need to say about this movie is that everything in it was awesome (Ha ha ha. You’ll understand why that’s funny if you’ve actually seen it). The only negative point is that I’m not so sure I liked that it went meta. I sort of liked it, but I think the movie could’ve been perfect if it had just stayed entirely in the LEGO world. I’ll also give it a 9/10.


So the most recent movie I saw was Transcendence. Classic case of “the trailer was better than the movie.” I don’t really know what to say about it, except that it was SO RANDOM. And pretty stupid. To be fair, there was some good acting in it. However, the crappy plot kind of made you forget about that. The premise behind the movie was kind of brilliant, and the idea of a technological apocalypse had such potential – and that’s the thing, it could have been so good, and just wasn’t. 5/10.


All in all, the majority of the movies I saw were pretty great. Only downside – I’m kind of broke now. I think I need to take a break from seeing movies in the cinema… at least for a month.

Happy procrastinating,

Lauren 🙂

Sidenote: YES, I scanned in my movie tickets. YES, I am that cool.


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