I haven’t been to the cinema for over two months

It’s been a while since I’ve actually even watched a movie. I watch a crap-load of TV, but my movie-watching is rather limited. I tend to avoid going to the cinema unless the movie is part of a big franchise – anything Marvel, for example; or if it’s starring one of my favourite actors. I just watch it on DVD, or not at all.

I’m a person who takes pride in being up-to-date with things, whether it’s TV shows, movies, or new books. But this year I have become remarkably out of touch with the movie-watching world, and TV is the main reason why. If I had to choose between just watching TV shows or just watching movies for the rest of my life, I would choose TV without a doubt. So why is TV more awesome…?

Well firstly, a show lasts longer than a film. There is more content, more story, and it generally tends to be a better medium for bringing a book to life. Take Game of Thrones, for example. If each book was just made into one film, it would probably be a flop. Trying to fit a 1000-page tome into 2 and a half hours would be impossible, and the end result would be horrible. However, adapting it into a television show allows over 8 hours of footage for one book. Of course, there are some books I couldn’t see working as a TV show, such as Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. Actually, a Harry Potter TV show adaptation wouldn’t be too bad. A season per year of school? Yes please. 

Anyway, another reason: more character development, and more variety. The added time allows a character to grow each episode, and allows the viewer to fall in love with the character much more than they would in a film. Characters that were evil in the first season become fan-favourites in the second, and aren’t the main villain the whole way through. Also, episodes can vary in tone. One episode can be utterly terrifying and then the next can be a witty, comedic venture.

One of my favourite comments about TV show success is, “Movies are a one-night stand, whilst TV is a long-term relationship.” I still need to catch up on the the big films of this year, but TV will always have first place in my heart.

Happy procrastinating,

Lauren 🙂


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