Meeting Tom Hiddleston


So I haven’t posted in over a month. I guess this blog has sort of gone into a weird hiatus as I’m getting closer and closer to my HSC (first exam starts on Monday!) but I felt obliged to write a quick short thing on my experience last night.

So I really wanted to win this competition, in which I would get to see secret Marvel footage, and have a Q&A session with Tom, along with a bunch of other special people. I entered the competition with every email I had, getting my sister and a bunch of close friends to enter as well, so I had more of a chance of winning. I knew it was unlikely that I would win, so when my friend Emma won two tickets to the event, I literally screamed. I basically freaked out like the crazy little fangirl that I occasionally turn into, and then couldn’t get to sleep until 3am that night.

Anyway, the event started off with screenings of footage from the upcoming Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: The Winter SoldierGuardians of the Galaxy and The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Being a massive Marvel fanatic, this was extremely exciting for me. Of course I won’t give anything away but all of the films are going to be fantastic. I was extremely worried about Guardians of the Galaxy but it is going to be fresh, funny, and something completely different from any of the superhero films we’ve seen before.

Then, Tom Hiddleston arrived. I went into shutdown mode as my brain tried to cope with my high level of emotions. I was short of breath, my heart was beating extremely fast and couldn’t stop myself squee-ing every time he spoke. I probably looked like a lunatic. Eventually I calmed down, thank god.

Tom stayed for around 40 minutes, answering questions and telling funny stories, at one point he even sang Happy Birthday to one lucky girl in the room. He also did a very funny impression of Owen Wilson as Loki. Just imagine Owen Wilson saying “Kneel before me” and “You crave subjugation.” It was hilarious, and I was speechless.

On the way out, I got to high-five him. So, you know, I’m never going to wash my hand again. I was completely overjoyed with the whole experience, the main reason being that he is just such a nice, genuine guy. I can honestly say one of my greatest fears is meeting someone I really admire, and then they turn out to be a huge douche in real life. Tom was even more charismatic, positive and lovely in real life than on the screen, and that made the experience immensely gratifying.

After meeting Tom we all got to watch The Avengers in cinema again, and I can say it was very strange watching the man I had just met on screen. It also made me realise what a phenomenal actor he is. Loki really is the complete polar opposite of Tom. I nearly forget that it is Tom; he just plays the character so brilliantly that it is just Loki. I’m ranting now, but I hope he gets the opportunity to star in an oscar-winning movie, because he deserves a lot more recognition.

We weren’t allowed to bring cameras into the cinema, so I couldn’t get a photo with him, but I honestly don’t mind. I much preferred getting to hear him speak for 40 minutes. I feel like I know him in a way. He talked a lot about his life as an actor and his experiences and was very passionate and well-spoken. And to me, getting to sit and hear him talk meant a lot more to me than a measly bit of paper with a scrawled signature.

And now, back to studying.

Happy procrastinating,

Lauren 🙂


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