Lauren’s Top 5: TV Shows


I needed a shorter article to write, so I thought I’d rant about my 5 favourite shows. I’ll also link youtube clips that might help introduce you to the show.


The time travel, awesome characters, sometimes scary, sometimes hilarious villains, and David Tennant make this show definitely worth watching. I haven’t watched any Classic Who (although its on my to watch list), but I recommend if you’re a newcomer, starting from the rebooted era (Christopher Eccleston, the 9th Doctor). It might take a little getting used to, because the VFX are fairly awful due to it being the BBC. But its worth it, especially when you get into Season 2, with the 10th Doctor and Rose!

Here’s a fan-made trailer for the rebooted era, that pretty much demonstrates the awesomeness of the show.


Sort of, but not really based off the comic book with the same title, this zombie apocalypse centred show is seriously phenomenal. With its complex characters, hard-hitting action and plot (season 3 tends to ramble a little, but is still awesome), The Walking Dead is definitely worth it. However, its not for everyone, and if you can’t stand gore, I wouldn’t recommend it. However, I’m not a big fan of gore but you sort of get used to it after the first few episodes.

Have another fan-made trailer.


A modern-day remake of the classic detective stories, this brilliant show starring Benedict Cumberbatch as the iconic Sherlock Holmes and Martin Freeman as John Watson is like no other crime show I’ve seen. The plot twists and turns and atmosphere of the show is phenomenal, it’s a witty and original revamp, and won’t fail to shock you. Stupidly, there has only been 6 episodes (however, each one 90 minutes long, like little short movies), but the third season is on its way. If convenient, watch this show. If inconvenient, watch it anyway.

Best trailer for the best show.


This epic show adapts George R.R. Martin’s legendary A Song of Ice and Fire series, focusing on approximately a book per season. With an immense array of colourful and interesting characters, interwoven plot lines and fantasy elements throughout, this show is brilliantly done and has deservingly won a Golden Globe. Even if you don’t like fantasy, I’m pretty sure that this show is for you. Be wary of the sex scenes, but don’t turn off your TV because this show is worth watching.

Trailer for Series 1.


Dan Harmon’s clever comedy is unlike any other – with its unique humour and loveable characters, I recommend Community for everyone. The paintball episodes, the Dungeons and Dragons episode, and the Blanket vs. Pillow fort episode would have to be my absolute favourites. Despite season 4 being a bit of a flop, the show has thankfully been renewed for its 5th season, with the original creator back at the helm.

And a trailer for season 1.

So, if you’re running short on TV watching material, Please PLEASE I recommend getting into any one of these shows, you will not regret it!

Happy procrastinating,

Lauren 🙂


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