2015: The year of empty wallets

In light of recent Comic con announcements (and the fact that I’m crying because I’m not in San Diego right now) it has come to my attention that we are all going to be broke in 2015. With the year well on its way to being the biggest year in movie cinema history, I know that I am going to be scrounging for some extra cash, and most probably spending nearly every Saturday night of the year glued to a red seat, biting my nails from sheer excitement throughout the entire film. So I thought I would prepare you for the biggest and brightest year of your life, as I take stock of several of the potential box-office gems and flops that will be keeping our wallets empty in 2015.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron (May 1)

It’s well over a year away, and yet I’m already super excited to see what directing genius Joss Whedon is going to do with his sequel to the Marvel money-maker. Robert Downey-Jr’s contract has been renewed (thank the lord) for The Avengers 2 and The Avengers 3, so everything seems to be set in place. The title for the film was just released!


Pirates of the Caribbean 5 (July 10)

Johnny Depp (Jack Sparrow, you fools) is set to return. That’s pretty much the only piece of information we have about the next Pirates film. Although if Orlando Bloom (Will Turner) and Keira Knightley (Elizabeth Turner) do make not an appearance (or just a cameo would do!) I will cry. I’ll still go see the movie, but only once. And I won’t bring popcorn. I’m warning you now, Walt Disney Pictures, you better not disappoint. I forgive you for not having them in On Stranger Tides, but only because of Sam Clafin’s cutesy Christian pirate (I seriously don’t remember his characters name).


James Bond 24 (Nov 6)

Following the both awesome hit and complete failure that was Skyfall, Daniel Craig is back for his fourth run as Bond. Sam Mendes needs to step up his game for this one. I mean, come on Mendes, you directed American Beauty, It can’t be that difficult to produce a decent Bond film. That’s kind of harsh, sorry. I actually didn’t hate Skyfall, I just liked Casino Royale a lot more. Anyways,  Bond 24 is rumoured to be entitled ‘Devil May Care.’


The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 (Nov 20)

Although I’m rolling my eyes over the fact that Lionsgate has divided the last Hunger Games film into two parts, especially when Mockingjay is the worst book of the three, the Comic Con release of the second trailer for Catching Fire has rendered me speechless. Lionsgate clearly knows what they’re doing with these films. I hope they don’t stuff up the last two. But I know I’ll be crying. With all this crying, 2015 is actually shaping up to be a pretty depressing year. (2015 in four words: Wallet empty, constant crying).


Finding Dory (Nov 25)

So many people don’t really want this movie to happen. I’m torn. Finding Nemo is my all-time favourite Disney film. If Finding Dory turns out great, then I’ll be overjoyed (and I’ll cry, again). But if it fails (as Disney sequels usually tend to do) then I’ll probably kill someone (AND CRY MORE). Although, I do think a Finding Nemo sequel has a lot of potential. Ellen DeGeneres seems pretty excited about it, so that’s something.


World’s Finest (No date yet)

Announced just recently at Comic Con, a Batman/ Superman crossover is in the works! It seems like an awesome idea (but not really). We’ll have to adjust to a new Batman again, as Christian Bale is not set to return. World’s Finest is set to follow Zac Snyder’s Man of Steel 2 (Check out my critique of Man of Steel here). Once this movie happens, its been announced that The Flash will be coming to our screens in 2016, leading into Justice League in 2017. “What about Wonder Woman?” people are already asking. I’m mostly just worried about Warner Bros. trying to do a Justice League film. This is probably going to be awful. World’s Finest is set to be directed by (surprise, surprise) Zac Snyder! With that said, a movie that would’ve been super cool and epic and awesome is now going to probably be completely awful. Thanks Zac Snyder for ruining everything with your comical action scenes. Thank you so much.


Star Wars Episode VII (Also no date yet)

Disney is going to be rolling in money in 2015 with the next Star Wars trilogy, The Avengers 2, the next Pirates and several other things set to come out. With J.J. Abrams taking the helm, I have high hopes for Star Wars VII. Abrams’ reboot of the Star Trek franchise proved to delight fanboys and girls everywhere (myself among them), and I’m hoping he will reboot Star Wars in a similar fashion. Many of the original stars are also set to return, and I think it would be awesome to see the characters when they are older.


That’s primarily it! There are of course, hundreds of other movies (many unknown at this point) are coming out in 2015, but these are the ones that will be stealing my money. What movies are you most excited (or scared) for?

Happy procrastinating,

Lauren 🙂


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